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Soori Bali
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The Challenge

Soori Bali, a member of Leading Hotels of the World, needed to find a new identity when it parted ways with hotel operator Alila Hotels & Resorts. Although many high-end travelers were familiar with the Soori name, the change in management created an opportunity for the newly coined “Soori Bali” to build a fresh and distinctive brand experience. Collaborating with former Landor Associates Executive Director Jeffrey McCall, Soori Bali uncovered its newfound purpose and wanted to articulate that purpose in a way that was intriguing to the discerning luxury traveler.

The Solution

Polyculture helped Soori Bali express its core identity through a series of high-end, brand videos that showcased the property and the vision of owner & architect Soo K. Chan. A world-renowned designer, Soo is the voice and essence of the Soori Bali experience through his detailed and subtle conception of life and luxury. The videos needed to not only announce Soo K. Chan as the heart of the Soori Brand, but they also needed to reflect the serene and clean-edged design aesthetic through the cinematography, pacing and structure. Polyculture joined forces with Method Singapore to create a website with the video series as a spiritual center that made Soori an emotional and complete digital experience. Since the website launch, direct hotel bookings have more than doubled – reducing booking commissions typically lost to third party online travel agents – and the Soori brand has grown substantially, attracting high-profile guests such as Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.


The Result

The video brand stories doubled direct website bookings – resulting in higher room rates and profitability.

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